10 Quality Reaction GIFS from the Giants Commercial Outakes

24 Mar

I’m willing to bet this will be a tumultuous year for the Giants because let’s face it, when is it not? Thankfully, the Giants came through with some great GIF material that has been spliced up and can be applied to many instances. Just to un-atrophy your baseball brain, I’ve put together a couple scenarios per GIF that may be helpful for you during 2015.

(1) What: Javier Lopez doping around with a Frisbee

Ideal Reaction Scenarios: When a left-handed power hitter looks really dumb on a classic Lopez slider, as comic relief when Bochy leaves Lopez in to face a right-handed batter

(2) What: Madison Bumgarner looking simultaneously baffled and angry

Ideal Reaction Scenarios: Against Dodger fan trolls who say Clayton Kershaw is better than Madison Bumgarner

(3) What: Buster Posey looking thoughtful, but in a bad way, like he might murder you

Ideal Reaction Scenarios: In classic “ain’t havin it’ situations, when people try to talk about how Timmy and Buster are feuding

(4) What: Buster Posey comically dodging the media

Ideal Reaction Scenarios: When Andrew Baggarly asks “controversial” questions, when Timmy/Buster rivalries come up (part II), when Dylan Hernandez makes a joke about Hank Schulman looking hungry enough to eat anything

(5) What: Bumgarner trying to be affectionate with Posey, Posey coldly rejecting him

Ideal Reaction Scenarios: Any Madison Bumgarner start. Actually basically whenever because this GIF is pure gold.

(6) What: Bumgarner making the classic “heart” gesture (basically another variation of duck face)

Ideal Reaction Scenarios: When Bumgarner strikes out Yasiel Puig, When Bumgarner hits a grand slam, When Bumgarner inevitably tries to charge the batters box and fight someone, When Bumgarner gives one word answers to the media

(7) What: Furious Brandon Belt

Ideal Reaction Scenarios: Oh god, too many scenarios. When Belt is benched. When Belt is starting. When Belt strikes out. When Belt is put in left field and Travis Ishikawa starts at first, When Belt commits a TOOTBLAN, When Belt does something good but still gets no credit. This is truly the “Choose Your Own Adventure” of GIFs

(8) What: Madison Bumgarner grooming his facial hair

Ideal Reaction Scenarios: I don’t really know. All I know is I love this.

(9) What: Joe Panik… dancing? Not really sure what’s happening here to be honest.

Ideal Reaction Scenarios: Whenever Panik does something DERPy, any awkward situation like an ump getting hit in the junk or when you accidentally tweet out the wrong stat.

(10) What: Bumgarner throwing a ball at a tractor, because stereotypes

Ideal Reaction Scenarios: When Bumgarner gives up a dinger to a nobody in AT&T Park, When you need just ONE GIF to describe Madison Bumgarner to someone

Top 20 SF Giants GIFS: 2014 Regular Season

30 Dec

It really seems like a lifetime ago. For some reason, the regular season seems like an anomaly – the San Francisco Giants team we saw in the postseason didn’t at all reflect anything that happened between April thru September. I remember little bits and pieces of the season, everything in fractions. So to me, here’s what happened during the regular season (according to my terrible memory):

  • Woooo! Opening Day! Baseball is back!
  • Holy crap, Belt is gonna hit like, 80 home runs this season.
  • Michael Morse is legit crazy. In the best way possible.
  • Giants can’t lose. I’m amazed. Also, there are so many Brandons on this team.
  • Matt Cain?! WHY GOD WHY.
  • Wait, why are the Giants so terrible. They were so good in April. This doesn’t make sense in my brain.
  • I literally can’t even.
  • I’m gonna go to Mexico and not watch baseball (this is where I took a vacation to Cabo and pretended baseball and the Giants didn’t exist. I was actually pretty happy).
  • Brandon Belt got concussed in BATTING PRACTICE?! By freaking MARCO SCUTARO? You must really hate me.
  • But, Travis Ishikawa though.
  • Oh god, they aren’t even going to get the wild card.
  • This Yes! Movement thing is pretty cool.
  • Oh I guess they are gonna make the wild card. But like, no way we beat the Pirates. Because they are doing a blackout or whatever and also, Andrew McCutchen and stuff.

If you asked me what happened in 2014 in September, that’s what I would have told you. But thankfully, there are pages of archived GIFs on my hard drive and because of technology, I can go back and find the best moments of the season and share them with you before we ring in the new year.

Presented to you in no particular order, here are my favorite GIFs of the 2014 regular season.

1) That Time Buster Posey Wasn’t Satisfied With His Bat

Listen, Buster Posey needs the perfect bat or he can’t hit the baseball. And he wont’ settle for a lowly bat boy. No way. As an MVP, you get to make defensive replacements get them for you. Thanks Juan Perez!

2) When Mustard Lost His Pants

It’s exactly the way it sounds.

3) Madison Bumgarner Celebrates By Punching Tim Hudson 

I’m guessing this is how they show happiness and excitement in the country?

4) Hunter Pence Plays The Drums On Gary Brown’s Head

Yeah, I don’t remember Gary Brown being on the roster either. But he was there, and here’s proof:

5) Speaking Of Hunter Pence And Musical Instruments…

He also took on the maracas with Mike Morse

6) Brandon Hicks. Brandon Crawford. Brandon Belt. 

Brandons cubed. Or in the words of Jason Bateman: “Another Brandon”

7) Tim Lincecum Throws His Second No-Hitter

This one is sure to warm your heart on this cold winter’s eve. How could it not? Plus, it provides us with our first ever #HectorHug

8) Mike Morse Is The Happiest Weirdo In The World 

There are few things that are sure to bring a smile to my face like when Michael Morse is happy and celebrating. He’s like the world’s biggest kid. A double? HE IS STOKED.

9) Madison Bumgarner Can Hit Grand Slams. 

Here’s version 1 of 2 in 2014. Yeah. He’s good at baseball stuff.

10) Buster Posey: Great Teammate Part I

Buster Posey is pretty stoic but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy a giving a little shoulder rub and love to his teammates from time-to-time.

11) Buster Posey: Great Teammate Part II

High-fives and turkey taps for everyone!

12) Matt Cain Had A Bad Year

This pretty much sums it up.

13) Mike Morse Again. 

Because he a GIF-maker’s muse. Here he is getting slapped on the butt so hard he almost fell over the dugout railing.

14) Pablo Sandoval Is Not Fast. 

Or Hunter Pence is very fast. Or a combination. Because in this GIF, Pence almost laps Pablo to home plate.

15) Remember This? 

This was the best.

16) Matt Cain Slaps Buster Posey’s Catchers Helmet Shut


17) Morse Is Excitable, Exhibit X

Remember when Morse walked off and got so excited he ripped his jersey open? No? Here ya go.

18) Tim Lincecum, Caught. 

Although Lincecum’s done a lot to get the media’s attention on the field, it looks like he’s not so found of it when it catches him in this candid GIF in the dugout.

“Don’t move. They might not know I’m here.”

19) Buster Posey Wants The Ball

20) Bochy-Bomb

The first ever Bruce Bochy bomb. And it happened during Pat Burrell batting practice.

Up next, the top postseason GIFs! Stay tuned.

GIFtastic Roundup: Week 2

14 Apr

I’m two for two in posting this! That’s an accomplishment, especially since I really want to take the off day to stare blindly at my television and taking a pre-bedtime nap.

In any case, we had the Diamondbacks and Rockies this week for our round-up. Just to be completely candid, I was attending most of the games as a spectator so may have missed some key GIFable moments. Regardless, here are the Top 5 I saw this week:

#5. Balldude employs unusual techniques

Here’s the opening day balldude (and friend, Rick Beleson – hey Rick!) using his entire body to get in the way of this ball. Hey, go big or go home, amirite?

#4. Angel Pagan welcomes a small child in a big t-shirt 

Just let your heart melt away, into the floor. My favorite Sunday tradition brings us this GIF of Pagan welcoming this adorable child wearing a ginormous t-shirt:

#3 Brandon Crawford Bat Drop 

You don’t drop a bat like Crawford unless you know that baby is GONE, and man, was it ever. This splash-hit 10th inning walk-off home run deserved this Grade-A bat drop:

#2. Madison Bumgarner post-grand slam snot rocket

Madison Bumgarner hit a grand slam like a total boss, and the first thing he does? Blows his signature snot rocket. Ain’t no thang.

#1. Buster Posey IS America

This footage is snagged from opening day but they played it back during yesterday’s broadcast and well, it’s the most god-damn American thing I’ve ever seen. I want to join the army or something. Does anyone else want to join the army?

As always, tips, suggestions, and favorite GIFs are welcome in the comments section. Thanks for checking this out!


GIFtastic Roundup: Week 1

7 Apr

Another season. Another year of graphic interchange formats for everyone to enjoy (everyone = mainly me).

Due to the popular response on Twitter and how well-received it was in 2013, I decided to bring the GIF Roundup back. This will be my super-professional editorial VIP opinion on the best Giants GIFs of the week.

Feel free to use  the comments area with feedback or GIFs you want to see next week!

So without further adieu, I present to you… week numero uno of the 2014 season:

#5. Miguel Montero tags out Angel Pagan

On the rear end. Noteworthy because this was the first play of the season. Of course it was. Way to start strong, everyone.

#4. Sergio Romo perfects his Romo-Bomb on Andy Baggarly 

Because what would a season be without several Romo-Bombs?

#3. Brandon Belt perfects the rundown 

After a botched rundown against the Diamondbacks, it looks like Brandon Belt felt the need to work out the kinks. He’s obviously very excited to have gotten it right in practice.

#2. Dodgers fan topples down the stairs

The important part is the guy is alright. The more important part is that a Dodgers fan fell down a small flight of stairs to get a ground rule double. THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE TO GET BASEBALLS HE HAD TO GO AFTER IT.

#1. Bruce Bochy continues to be wonderful 

This is the best. Bruce Bochy tries to distract as Pat Burrell takes some BP. Any time I can see Bochy acting like a clown (or smiling, or running, or anything), it makes me pretty happy.

I’ll follow up this post with some nice defensive and offensive plays from the week. Keep an eye out!

Welcome back, everyone! See you at Opening Day tomorrow!

More on the Damon Bruce debacle

11 Nov

I really wasn’t going to continue writing on the Damon Bruce topic because, quite frankly, I’m pretty sick of it. But then this article from Awful Announcing surfaced. And then this piece by Rob Neyer of Baseball Nation. And well, we’re back to square one, aren’t we?

First of all, I’d like to reiterate that I’ve never once wanted Damon Bruce to get fired. I’m generally not someone who rallies the villagers to bring me the head of the monster in the woods, and this was no exception. Do I believe that there should be some repercussions for what he said? Yes. Do I advocate that KNBR should take action or their reputation will be sullied? Definitely. But in truth, second chances are far too rare in this world and I hope that Bruce gets his chance to prove that he’s not the person he portrayed himself as last week.

To clear up any misconceptions from my previous article on Bruce, I’m totally on board with saying what you want and voicing your opinion, but saying EVERYTHING on your mind is not brave, it’s just careless. You are absolutely free to do whatever you like, and say whatever you feel, but expecting others, who don’t agree, to stand by wordlessly while you go on a crusade is unrealistic. Maybe some feel that there’s an exception for the media, but in my mind it’s an obvious reaction to offending an entire group of people publicly. Is anyone really surprised that women (and men) were offended by the rant? I just don’t understand it.

I’m not trying to change the minds of those who agree with Bruce or Neyer. I’m simply asking that you try and see things from another perspective. Perhaps the biggest snafu Bruce made was not removing himself from the heat of the situation by issuing a genuine apology to those who he offended. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I believe in second chances, but only if you’ve owned up to what you’ve done. And in this case, it hasn’t happened (yet).

On a side note, as an Asian-American woman, and someone who has had to deal with some prejudices here and there, I don’t feel the burden of sexism and racism on a daily basis. Not to say they don’t exist in a real way, but I don’t feel weighed down by it, most of the time. Either I’m oblivious, or I haven’t had to deal with it too often, but I feel lucky that this hasn’t impacted my life or career in a truly tangible way (as far as I can tell). That being said, since I started writing about baseball a year ago, I’ve noticed double standards in sports that irk me. I’ve been accused of writing about things only because I find a player “hot,” been called “skankzilla,” (this is 100% true) and someone even told me that all I write about is rainbows. Breaking through unfair stereotypes will probably always be a reality for women in sports, but standing up against things like the Damon Bruce issue will hopefully help draw some much needed attention to the issue.

My last thought (and hopefully this will be put to bed soon) is that I truly do hope the outcome of this is not firing Damon Bruce. Extinguishing his voice on KNBR is only a small part of the solution. I’d rather the station address the issue head on and start a dialogue instead of pretending it didn’t happen by getting rid of Bruce.

Sorry for all the real talk on here lately. The offseason is rough.

Dear KNBR: A small request

8 Nov

I’m sure you guys have all heard about Damon Bruce’s rantings from yesterday’s show. If you haven’t, I urge you to check out the summaries posted on Awful Announcing and Bay Area Sports Guy. Just keep tissues or some gauze handy so you can make sure to wipe the blood from your ears after listening to the audio.

Bruce’s comments that were clearly misogynistic (and I almost never use that term) with some key quotes being:

This is guy’s stuff. This is men’s stuff. And I don’t expect women to understand men’s stuff anymore than they should expect me to be able to relate to labor pains.

I enjoy many of the women’s contributions to the sports—well that’s a lie [lauging]. I can’t even pretend that’s true. There are very few—a small handful—of women who are any good at this at all. That’s the truth. The amount of women talking in sports to the amount of women who have something to say is one of the most disproportionate ratios I’ve ever seen in my life. But here’s a message for all of them…All of this, all of this world of sports, especially the sport of football, has a setting. It’s set to men.

I’m willing to share my sandbox as long as you realize you’re in MY sandbox.

I’m sure the reaction Damon Bruce is seeking is extra ratings. I’m not entirely sure if he ACTUALLY feels this way or if he is trolling listeners and trying to get a reaction, but I think the former might be worse.

I don’t stick my nose into many issues of the political nature, but one thing I do take a stand for is equality. It sounds intense but I’m talking about the core fundamentals of the issue – that every person on this earth should generally be regarded with the same respect and standards – gay, straight, transgender, Mexican, Asian, German, Jewish, man, woman, fat, skinny – whatever. Being upset with the issue doesn’t make you a feminist – it makes you a person who is insulted by offensive statements. And that’s exactly what Bruce’s show was yesterday: offensive.

I wrote a letter to station manager/program director Lee Hammer today. I’ve discovered via numerous complaints to companies like Comcast and United Airlines that these notes should be short and to the point. A lot of you have been asking me to post my email, and here it is:

Hi Lee,

Happy Friday to you.
I wanted to reach out as I’m one of the (many) listeners that was taken aback by Damon Bruce’s rant against women on yesterday’s 1st hour segment.
I have listened to KNBR since I was sitting in the backseat of my father’s car and continue to enjoy hosts like Brian Murphy, Kate Scott, Ray Ratto, and Marty Lurie. I’ve even been a guest on Marty’s show a few times.
Unfortunately, the outlier for KNBR has become more obvious with yesterday’s show and Damon Bruce’s extremely offensive comments against both women and women writers. While sports is categorically a “mans” domain, I’m sure you know that the Giants fan base is in large part comprised of females. As the flagship station of the Giants, I’m hoping that something will be done to help remedy the relationship that Bruce has damaged to an otherwise insightful station.
Thanks for your attention on this matter.
Let me be clear about something. I am not asking for Damon Bruce to be fired, or even suspended. I’m just asking for the issue to be addressed in some way. Bruce has a right to his opinion (however misguided I find them) but for there to be zero discussion or repercussions against the matter would be viewed as a silent endorsement from the station. As I pointed out in the letter, the Bay Area is chock full of female sports fans – I’m willing to bet more than most major cities. For them to ignore the issue entirely would be perceived as a slap in the face to fans who have supported the station and whether or not this actually affects the ratings, KNBR’s brand perception would most definitely be tainted. Deadspin has already picked up the topic nationally and I’m guessing no one at the station is looking for that type of publicity.

As a woman sports writer (albeit an amateur one), I’m hoping that one day there will be less surprise from the general masses when a woman is knowledgable about sports. The more smart writers we have out there, the more we all have to gain, no matter what gender they are.

If you feel the same, I encourage you to write to KNBR as well to voice your opinion. There will probably be no tangible outcome but it’s therapeutic and at least you know you you tried and said your piece.

Here’s where you can reach Lee Hammer: lee.hammer@cumulus.com

Sorry for the seriousness – I’ll post some weird GIFs later to reset the tone on this blog.

Some thoughts on Ryan Vogelsong

5 Nov

Ryan Vogelsong World Series Parade

The Giants have officially declined Ryan Vogelsong’s $6.5 MM option.

It was probably an obvious decision to most but I’m still in denial about the fact that Ryan Vogelsong may no longer be a San Francisco Giant. The deepest part of my fandom aches for one of the most inspirational players to ever wear a Giants uniform and I don’t think I’ll believe it until opening day of 2014.

As someone who loves the Giants, and loved the Giants well before Ryan Vogelsong became a factor in 2011, I’m genuinely disappointed in the decision to let Vogelsong walk. While his option may seem hefty to some, Andrew Baggarly pointed out that they paid Barry Zito even more just to walk away:

When you view it through that perspective, it’s all you can do to wonder how a move like this from the Giants is perceived by Vogelsong’s camp. Additionally, it seemed as though there wasn’t much going on in terms of negotiations or even discussions of Vogelsong returning for a lower base plus incentives, as many had speculated prior to the official announcement.

While I understand the Giants are looking at other options, a one-year contract at a lower base  would have been a relatively risk free move for the organization. During this time, the Giants would be able to allow him to compete for his job in spring training and prove that 2013 was just a weird anomaly of a short offseason, WBC fatigue, and a freak hand injury. Knowing that Vogelsong is a notoriously hard worker and extraordinarily determined (and that his track record shows one hell of a comeback), I don’t see this is a stretch.

As Vogelsong said at the end of this season in a textbook Vogelsong quote:

“I want to be back and hope they pick (the option) up. If they do, I’m going to be better next year. If they don’t, I’m going to be better next year.”

And hasn’t he earned the right to prove that he has it in him? Even at 37 years old, Vogelsong has proven that he’s tough as nails, resilient, and his good moments have far outweighed his bad.

Aside from the pitching factor, Vogelsong is also a great clubhouse guy and is loved by his teammates (Ryan won the Willie Mac Award in 2011 which is voted on my teammates) – not something to be overlooked when you’re working with a team like the Giants who rely heavily on chemistry and inspiration for some of their greatest successes.

But unfortunately, a baseball team and it’s decisions are not based on “intangibles”. As harsh as it is, baseball is a game of “what have you done for me lately” – the operative word there being “lately”. The Giants seem to be keen on exploring the free market and leaning on Vogelsong as a last resort – not exactly a flattering proposition for any major league ball player.

As a final thought, I’m going to allow myself to wear my heart on my sleeve for a moment and say candidly that Ryan Vogelsong’s story captivated me in a way that I hadn’t felt in a really long time. His journey humanized baseball beyond stats, salaries, and business decisions. He was hope in a season with no hope and he was undeniably inspirational. His tenacity translated into success and yet he never let his guard down or let the chip fall from his shoulder. He worked his ass off, and it always showed, no matter what the box score was.

There’s certainly a lot of talk out there on how baseball players are overpaid spoiled athletes. I’ll never deny that these guys are blessed to be doing what they love and getting heavily compensated for it. But I also like to take a step back to remember that all these players whose net worth is often  translated into numbers on a stat sheet are also humans who want to be happy, provide for their families, and succeed and be great at what they do. Despite all of the talk around money and Vogelsong’s future with the Giants, I think he truly just wanted to return to the city that gave him a second chance.

If Ryan Vogelsong is not returning to San Francisco, my only regret is that the fans didn’t get a chance to give him that standing ovation that he deserved. Vogelsong rarely took a moment to look up in the stands to see how many fans love and adore him. As a fan, I’m sorry I never got to thank him for what he’s done for the franchise.

Not sure what the ultimate outcome will be but in my book, Ryan Vogelsong will always be remembered as a great Giant and class-act.


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