GIFtastic Roundup: Week 1

7 Apr

Another season. Another year of graphic interchange formats for everyone to enjoy (everyone = mainly me).

Due to the popular response on Twitter and how well-received it was in 2013, I decided to bring the GIF Roundup back. This will be my super-professional editorial VIP opinion on the best Giants GIFs of the week.

Feel free to use  the comments area with feedback or GIFs you want to see next week!

So without further adieu, I present to you… week numero uno of the 2014 season:

#5. Miguel Montero tags out Angel Pagan

On the rear end. Noteworthy because this was the first play of the season. Of course it was. Way to start strong, everyone.

#4. Sergio Romo perfects his Romo-Bomb on Andy Baggarly 

Because what would a season be without several Romo-Bombs?

#3. Brandon Belt perfects the rundown 

After a botched rundown against the Diamondbacks, it looks like Brandon Belt felt the need to work out the kinks. He’s obviously very excited to have gotten it right in practice.

#2. Dodgers fan topples down the stairs

The important part is the guy is alright. The more important part is that a Dodgers fan fell down a small flight of stairs to get a ground rule double. THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE TO GET BASEBALLS HE HAD TO GO AFTER IT.

#1. Bruce Bochy continues to be wonderful 

This is the best. Bruce Bochy tries to distract as Pat Burrell takes some BP. Any time I can see Bochy acting like a clown (or smiling, or running, or anything), it makes me pretty happy.

I’ll follow up this post with some nice defensive and offensive plays from the week. Keep an eye out!

Welcome back, everyone! See you at Opening Day tomorrow!

2 Responses to “GIFtastic Roundup: Week 1”

  1. emfarrellsf April 7, 2014 at 8:43 pm #

    Thanks! Looking forward to a GIFalicious season!

  2. Jose April 7, 2014 at 8:49 pm #

    #2 is an instant classic!

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